Zack Federbush 2019

Primary Medium



253 Greenpoint Ave
Studio 4B
Brooklyn, 11222

Artist Statement

When you tackle a jigsaw puzzle for the first time, understanding how each piece fits into the complete picture is critical. Without a plan, a view from the top, you are lost. That is how I view my work. While it may seem odd and detached, like a finger without a hand, to me, each piece is integral to the whole body, the entire composition. I am inclined to explore all possibilities and gravitate towards particular tools and themes. Specifically, I focus on the links between color, images, and text: • Color is inherently emotional. Everyone has a favorite, and some people hear in shades of the spectrum. It is the same for me for I am a distinctly visual person. It feels natural to me to use color in combinations that both attract and repel. • Images are more symbolic. Whether it is from your day-to-day life, like a stop sign, or something unique from your past experiences, you cannot escape them. They become embedded in your mind whether you like it or not. They say, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” but most people get it wrong. It is about the reaction, not the description. • Text is a combination of characters infused with meaning. You can always change their sequence, size, shape, and width. What they say does not change, but how you are saying it does. There are limitless ways to say something when so much of it depends on how it is written. My thoughts may appear to be arbitrary and convoluted, but this “stream of consciousness” approach is how my mind processes my ideas. Whether it is a reference to ancient symbolism, pop culture or my personal demons, the way in which I combine these elements is by no means a series of random thoughts… I have always found the connection between speech and language challenging. It is hard for me to express myself with others, and so I show it through my art. My work generates personal transparency, driven by the inner world of my thoughts. However, it is limited by my need for social acceptance creating a separation, a feeling of isolation. I have embraced this constant sense of solitude, and let it fuel and inspire my art, my visual vocabulary. The work is my unprotected soul, left open for people to judge and comment.


Instagram: @zmadartist