Primary Medium



37 Greenpoint Avenue, Brooklyn,NY
Brooklyn, 11222

Artist Statement

Clumsy is the body of work I have been working on since 2017 after my arrival in New York for studying. I have, particularly situated in this foreign place, constantly reflected on the corresponding relationship between my own body as a subject and the environment. In this project, my body is used as a receiver to thematically explore the psychological emotions felt by the people living in the industrial urban environment as well as the contradictory relationship between humans and Nature. In the process, I build up my work with a variety of medium. Photography was used to transform the daily ordinary objects and the common artificial materials in our environment to deconstruct their material and symbolic significations, so as to construct the elements in the image photographed by the concept of sculpture. The expressions are created along with mimicry, fantasy, and fabrication. The theatrical image was constructed in front of the camera. The subject of creation used my own body as the medium of expression, then I become the carrier of clothing and shapes a variety of imaginary identities. In the image, I construct my own world, it turns to my home in the foreign land, the characters that I performed which turn to be my company and it also projects different connection between plants, city and myself.


Instagram: @flaneur_shan