Tom Koken – 2023

Primary Medium



1155 Manhattan Av
5th Floor, #504
Brooklyn, 11222

Artist Statement

I use images and ideas culled from nature and the world of patterns and decoration. And then construct and deconstruct them in some way—isolating a portion, distilling to create a motif or workable visual idea. Something more or less recognizable — that deals with the duality of its innate beauty and its dissolution, I purposely allow and even push the overall image to feel a bit off or wrong. I want the work to pull one in with some little hook, something familiar or recognizable but then hold the viewer there, suspended in a place without answers or easy resolve. With an interest in systems, networks, connections, and infrastructures — their strengths and vulnerabilities — I focus on the spot where things hold up but threaten to collapse or disintegrate. Order confronting disorder — overloading and overwhelming, reducing and eliminating. Without resolution or answers, I create a place where opposites can exist simultaneously. Chaos in the beauty and/or beauty in the chaos? During the Open Studio hours, I will be showing over 100 small works made in the last couple of years, along with many older pieces.


Instagram: @tomkokenart