Suzanne Saroff – 2024

Primary Medium



61 Greenpoint Avenue
Brooklyn, 11222

Artist Statement

Suzanne Saroff (b. 1993, Missoula, MT) is an artist, photographer, and director based in Brooklyn, NY. She became fascinated with photography at a young age and started taking photos when she was five. She uses photography to explore her understanding of the world while also striving to engage viewers on a visceral level, encouraging them to question perceptions and connect with the beauty and complexity around them. She is particularly interested in the emotions and feelings that can be evoked through her work. In addition to her personal art practice, Suzanne works with many brands where she brings a feminine approach to commercial photography and directing. She combines technical expertise with curiosity and a discerning eye. Suzanne is known for creating controlled environments that allow for spontaneity, play, and nuance. Her work has been part of many shows and exhibitions, and her commercial and editorial work has been widely published around the globe.