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1205 Manhattan Avenue
Suite 1-3-11
Brooklyn, 11222

Artist Statement

Humans are endlessly interesting and beautiful to me. Through sculpture I share my vision of them, the beauty and deeper qualities I perceive. One of my main passions is the human figure and in particular portraiture. I use traditional materials like clay, wax and plaster in a range of scales from miniature to monumental and then often cast the final work into concrete, plaster or bronze. The tactile qualities of the materials matter greatly. We almost always start with a studio session in order to connect with one another, and for me to get a feel for my model, to establish an energetic rapport. As part of the initial session I often also take a series of photographs. It is a collaboration between myself and the model, the subject’s presence and focus help create the energetic connection necessary for the sculpture to become more than a good likeness. The scale can vary from miniature to monumental .


Instagram: @susanneclaussen.sculpture