Sol Pardo – 2024

Primary Medium



67 West St
Studio 513
Brooklyn, 11222

Artist Statement

SUDESTADA is honored to present the first exhibition of multidisciplinary artist Sol Pardo. Renowned for her groundbreaking laboratory project, Pardo Hats, Sol has elevated millinery to an art form, transforming hats into dynamic canvases that articulate her profound ideals. In a world where hats often serve as mere ornaments, Sol's creations stand as bold declarations, reshaping notions of beauty and fostering genuine dialogue around themes of heritage, popular culture, surrealism, and human behavior. Through her unparalleled designs, she doesn't just craft hats; she creates gateways to enchanting realms where reality and imagination intertwine. Embracing her signature blend of eccentricity, sensitivity, and humor, "In dreams we trust" unveils a mesmerizing fusion of the artist's iconic and unseen millinery pieces alongside captivating one-of-a-kind mundane and familiar objects and scenes, each brought to life in collaboration with 14 diverse creatives from our shared universe. Think of a still life in which objects detach themselves from the canvas, transforming into life-sized mobiles. Hand-painted geometric compositions shape into alluring landscapes that can be used as tapestries, carpets, bedcovers, etc. Cushions as representations of playful dream characters. Elements from nature reimagined in unexpected canvas to carry around everyday. Each design, meticulously handcrafted, bears the unmistakable touch of Sol’s distinctive approach to forms, materials, and techniques. On June 1st 2024 from 3 to 6pm, Ignacio Carmona, one of the artists that collaborated in the show will be live painting at the studio. Come say hi!! We are at 67 West St. 5th floor. Studio 513.


Instagram: @la.sudestada