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252 Java St.
Brooklyn, 11222

Artist Statement

The consistent demeanor of rubbing my fingernails along every stitch border of my light blue with green dots blanket, often comes up in my head as a clear memory. I can define the memory as neither pleasing nor unpleasant, but I clearly remember I was obsessed with the tangibility and the blanket’s coziness provided me security and warmth from the outside world. The blanket was gone a long time ago, but nostalgia and obsession from my security blanket have continued inside me to get a new sleeping mate, Bunny, when my anxiety and loneliness started after being away far from home. These attachments to the stuffed toys have become a motive for my current works. Out of colored or dyed fabrics, I make soft sculpture pieces, named Buddies. Alongside the Buddies, I stretch marbled fabrics and paint portraits of my Buddies as if I engrave my imaginary friends I am obsessed with, creating my own childhood comfort zone to attempt to detach from adulthood in the challenging reality.


Instagram: @soyh2181