Shane Walsh 2019

Primary Medium



649 Morgan Ave SUITE 4-A-1
Brooklyn, 11222

Artist Statement

Shane Walsh’s paintings are the result of his research and involvement with collage, both in a literal sense and as a form of thinking. He begins by making small-scale collages constructed from photocopied images of shapes and marks made in response to the history of abstract painting, some are expressive, others graphic or digital. Using the collage as a source he then translates these into large-scale paintings. This approach allows him to treat the history of abstraction as a storehouse of moments to copy, paste, and sample from. This cutting, copying and pasting owes as much to punk and hip-hop show posters from his youth as it does to modernist collage traditions. The photocopy also serves as an important metaphor in his work. As images are reproduced over and over they become altered and their visual qualities degraded. The photocopying process echoes how he thinks about abstraction in the way that our understanding of abstract painting becomes altered as it gets transmitted and reproduced through time and culture.


Instagram: @shanewalshpaintings