Sergio Mannino – 2024

Primary Medium



45 India St #4F
Brooklyn, 11222

Artist Statement

Secret Gardens is a new collection of hand-drawn rugs designed by Sergio Mannino Studio. Intricately crafted, these rugs transcend the boundaries of conventional storytelling, inviting you into a realm of imagination and color. Imbued with a sense of mystery and allure, each rug is an artistic interpretation of hidden worlds nestled behind vibrant brick walls, waiting to be discovered. Derived from a palette of non-natural hues such as pink floors and acid-green wood planks, each piece is a visual poem, an abstract rendition of unseen secret gardens. Handcrafted in Nepal, every rug in the collection boasts a finesse that is a testament to the exceptional skills of the local artisans. Using only natural wool and dyes, these rugs are 100% recyclable. With the “Secret Gardens” under your feet, you are a step closer to the enchanting and elusive secret world Sergio Mannino envisions. Welcome to a sanctuary of forms, colors, and intimate stories hidden in plain sight.


Instagram: @sergiomannino