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252 green street
Brooklyn, 11222

Artist Statement

My aim as an artist is to be and make to the full extent of my inner absurdity. To go out on a limb, transform the overlooked to the extraordinary, and encourage others to do the same. Am I losing it or finding it? Who knows? All I can say for sure is I’ll be painting somewhere on the line between, scavenging tag sales and flea markets, dreaming up my own special brand of madness as I go. From abstract landscapes on wood in vintage frames to conceptual assemblage glasses, to my growing menagerie of found sculptures, and now even through portraiture, I aim to provide a means of escape into the beauty, the fantasy and possibility of creation, of other worlds, where we’re all free to be our wild and whacked out inner selves til real life is as exotic as we need it to be. -Russ Rubin


Instagram: @russrubin