Rochelle Voyles – 2024

Primary Medium

Collage/Other works with paper


253 Greenpoint Ave
Garage, Suite 3
Brooklyn, 11222

Artist Statement

My art is an act of reframing the beautiful, weird, and horrifying found images humanity has captured and left behind. Working in collage and sculpture, I dislocate and morph these cultural fragments in order to decipher my experience of reality and our collective relationship to photographs. I use fiber patterns and grids as a mapping device for my found images to be plotted onto, and as the foundation for my drawings. I scale up and skew these forms, “cutting through” my images with shapes skew linguistic. A textile pattern or diagram is transformed into a shape, charged with an image, and becomes an alien glyph. My practice is as investigative as it is generative. I act as a detective, an archaeologist, and a magpie; collecting paper evidence to form connections and to try to understand our history and life on this planet.


Instagram: @voylescurio