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273 Calyer street
studio 1310
Brooklyn, 11222

Artist Statement

Inspired by both the tenacity and forgiveness of metal, I craft my work using form to expose the inherent sculptural process. I have always been fascinated by the ability of a straight line to be manipulated into something more. My early interest in biology and the natural processes has led me to translate the seemingly randomness of nature into forms with speak about the world in which I live. Bridging the curve of the perfect symmetries also found in nature create the geometric building blocks upon which design is based. Throughout the time that I have been designing and creating jewelry, I have always found inspiration in the materials with which I work. Metal has held the longest fascination for me, as it has the ability to start as a generic solid object, and through the will of the imagination, and some well used tools, become another form altogether. The ever challenging process of creation has kept me experimenting with the sculptural process and continues to inspire me.


Instagram: @rinayoungjewelry, penpaperandink