Primary Medium



37 Greenpoint Ave
Brooklyn, 11222

Artist Statement

In my work, I consider the socio-political structures and behaviors that exist inside a society. To do that, I use digital media. That will allow me to create self-sustained ecosystems that exist in the virtual world and in a time-space parallel to ours. At the same time, I intend to make clear the direct interaction and connection that one has with a digital media. I want to reveal that both reality and images are connected as the intangible surface of software correlates with the immaterial surface of the eyes. The language that controls our movements at a higher or lower level with the language of a computer. Through my artwork To Be Is to Get Cut I create a self-sustained ecosystem that gains its independence by using the fundamental structures of movement, cessation and repetition in relation to its direction and rotation. The growth and the changes of those values leads each being inside this virtual environment to form a character and create choices which are not pre-designed or absolute. The fundamental notions of a society will make this environment coherent and lead it continually to a deformation and formation. Bigger concepts such as Birth, Life and Death will become visible by microelements of a more physical nature such as Tiredness, Strength, Loneliness, Boredom, Excitement, Nervousness, Ennui, Hunger, and Entropy.


Instagram: @lalespetros