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218 India Street
Brooklyn, 11222

Artist Statement

The fundamental preoccupation behind my work is the lack of empathy and indifference that pervades public life, leading to increasing violence and a state of numbed normalcy. It aims to awaken interest in urgent topics and shift preconceived associations by triggering connections with familiar domains of the everyday. I find inspiration in ordinary objects and things, while doing routine tasks. It’s that notion of simplicity what’s behind my process and vocabulary. I explore the physical qualities of materials and objects that surround my day-to-day life— recycled packaging, toys, and conventional household items — removing them from their original or assigned purpose. Thinking conceptually through materiality I allow their qualities and meanings to gradually reveal. I simplify, remove them from their original or assigned purpose, make subtle transformations and recontextualize. I use repetition to represent large numbers and data, and I combine materials with iconic imagery and symbols. Determined organically during the creative process, the final works can incorporate photography, sculpture, drawing, performance, or video; regardless of the format, they share a common language that is simple, playful, crude but hopeful.


Instagram: @espiarte