Norah Dineen – 2024

Primary Medium



61 Greenpoint Avenue #218
Brooklyn, 11222

Artist Statement

My painting series are a reflection of my expansive interests and my time living in London, Berlin, Paris, Athens and Dublin over the past 20 years. They are my experiences, absorbed and abstracted into landscapes that are comprised of emotions, bodies, vulnerabilities, and cultures. The Echo series on exhibit at Homcore, during the Greenpoint Open Studios is a result of my initial culture shock, moving to NYC after living in Ireland and Greece. They express my memories of the subway sounds, for example, and the unique social connections that are specific to NYC, which in many ways create a loss of identity and destabilising change. Certainly, these paintings are a continuation of a travelogue and also run parallel to my punk feminist folk song writing/music. Whether I am acting, singing, performing, creating installations, or making paintings, I'm rooted to the evolving scene of female artists who are bringing important issues and feelings to light through the multitude of creative endeavours, which reflect female energy and power.


Instagram: @norahdineenartist