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221 Banker St
Brooklyn, 11222

Artist Statement

My paintings are personal but aim for universality, with self portrait based characters representing women and animal like made up creatures representing men, and the work showing the many things we do and have done to us. Their (our) worlds spin out of control, intruded by symbolic spilled purses, toxic clouds and dilapidated monster suits. These are heightened depictions of our most awkward adult moments, emotionally realistic documentations of the faces and situations we fear showing the world. Themes are competition, work, longing, city vs. nature. –what we try to control but can’t- and the paintings themselves split into multiple surfaces, break off at the ends, and veer to the side, reflecting an internal world full of mishaps and dilemmas. Things invade, collide and lurk; narratives spill into other narratives and the world outside the painting hovers ominously, just waiting for the next story to unfold


Instagram: @nola_romano