Natsumi Goldfish 2019

Primary Medium



253 Greenpoint Ave.
Floor 2 Studio #8
Brooklyn, 11222

Artist Statement

Love is the essence of life Life is the essence of my art My work reflects my everyday life, not like a mirror does, but like the surface of a ripping pond. My everlasting dream is to make work that is sensual and psychic, affecting individuals and their mind, emotions, believes, and dreams. Art is like war in that it has a strong impact on the mind, only it is not destructive. My creation is based on my interested in human behavior: gestures, actions, and habits that derive from conscious and unconscious states of mind. I am interested in human as a unique creature that lives and dies for its mind, imagination, and creations. By observing and depicting human nature at a distance, my goal is to deliver perspectives of things that are relatively unknown, unrealized, hidden, prohibited, or forgotten, but are nevertheless present within everyday life.


Instagram: @natsumigoldfish