Michael Levine – 2024

Primary Medium



250 Greenpoint Ave
Floor 4
Brooklyn, 11222

Artist Statement

Using a mixture of observation and process, I create images with open-ended narratives, blending autobiography, abstraction, history and invention. Personal experiences and human relationships I encounter on a day-to-day basis, provide the departure point for my work. Through technique and process, I allow an initial idea to change, abstract, and evolve. My interest in letting the process inform my decision-making, has led me to work across mediums including printmaking, collage, as well as video, animation, and installation. Working with and against a technique encourages my experimentation with the medium, allowing a greater opportunity for chance and discovery to play a role. In my recent exhibition, "The Animator" (2023, Azarian Mccullough Gallery, Sparkill, NY) , I use printmaking, drawing, and animation to explore personal themes of time, seriality, abstraction, and observation. Monoprints and drawings are self referential and autobiographical, as I create imagery referencing my experiences working in the studio to create animated films.


Website: https://www.mksplv.com/
Instagram: @mikesiplev