Mengfan Bai 2019

Primary Medium



252 Java Street
Brooklyn, 11222

Artist Statement

Art cannot change reality, reality constantly transforms art, but art can change people's perception of reality. As the urban landscape becomes more homongenous it makes it difficult to differentiate one city from another. It is very hard for people to identify the location of buildings or landscapes just through the color, structure, and shape, especially now that images of our surroundings are “re-structured” by the screen. To magnify and emphasize this “indistinguishability” is the main point throughout all of my work. I challenge the viewer's expectations and blur boundaries. For me, the painting progress is the same as the construction of a building. My paintings are depictions of spaces to be executed on a framed field which is a canvas. I am interested in observing, mimicking, and experimenting with the lines that function as boundaries within the fields. The sense of formality of the dividing lines and the structures which create a painting fascinates me. I am questioning ways of looking at landscape through the contemporary lens which has been fragmented and scattered through image technology. I realize abstract ideas through the exploration of everyday objects and situations. I’m interested in day-to-day things people hardly notice and walk by without hesitation, such as a corner in a park, a section of shadow on the wall. The Glass House series could be located in the real world, but its hard to know where “the real” is anymore. When I choose a section of architecture all that remains is the structure. The style and ideology behind the buildings is also removed. In the series, L.I.M.B.O 15:12, the title suggests a bright time of the day. The yellow tennis balls are scattered in the field randomly, stars in the silent and mysterious space. The works occupy a space between reality and non-reality, as if there identity is in limbo.


Instagram: @mengfan_bai