Primary Medium



152 Franklin St.
Apt 3F
Brooklyn, 11222

Artist Statement

I am an observational artist who paints abstractly. I create minimalist paintings by layering lines and organic forms on canvas. I am observing my surroundings, wherever I may be – developing whimsical impressions of abstracted landscapes. Paint is applied in sweeping gestures—tracing the movements of my body. These forms are both accentuated and complemented by delicate drawn lines that are applied with Caran D’ache. Both the forms and drawn lines are meant to consciously interact with the frame of the painting, so that the edge of the canvas itself becomes a line demarcating the limits of the work. The result is a tension between the sharper geometric edge of the canvas and the smoother organic forms that interact with it. This tension, along with the organic gestures of the forms and lines speaks to the moments I am observing, the constant relationship between rigid urban architecture and the endless persistence of nature.


Instagram: @melaniereese