Primary Medium



250 Greenpoint Ave.
Brooklyn, 11222

Artist Statement

I make paintings that explore the painting process, often incorporating tools or strategies to act as an intermediary between the surface and my hand. I work with rote imagery derived from my drawing process of filtering images culled from the consumer landscape. Logos, textiles and ancient symbols inform my personal lexicon intending to connect it to past, present and future in a direct way. My current body of work loosely channels instructions listed on the internet to make an abstract painting, (via wikihow), in an effort to capture the zeitgeist of the time. Chosen for its accessibility, history, and economy, I paint on burlap. I am drawn to the fabric for its recognizable texture as much as its historic link to commodity. This body of work uses masking tape cut to various widths as a barrier to block out areas on the surface. Layers of pigment are applied liberally over masked areas resulting in an image born of both intention and chance.


Instagram: @matthewjmahler