Matt McCorkle – 2024

Primary Medium



17a Moultrie St
Brooklyn, 11222

Artist Statement

Embark on an immersive exploration in a psychotropic cyberpunk universe, where each element – from spatial audio to tactile haptic systems – is meticulously crafted to represent the emotional spectrum of a lived bipolar disorder experience. Lotus flower speakers resonate with personal stories, while striking visuals tell a journey from turmoil to tranquility. This experience, deeply personal yet universally resonant, offers a window into the life of an individual navigating the complexities of bipolar disorder, pre and post-treatment. It's a shared exploration that invites understanding, empathy, and a collective reimagining of mental health narratives. This is an interactive, immersive installation within a spatial speaker system using haptics and real-time visuals. Time slots run every 20 minutes. Please email [email protected] or insta @equalsonics for a time slot.


Instagram: @equalsonics