Mary Younkin – 2023

Primary Medium



276 Greenpoint Avenue
Building 8, 3rd Floor
Brooklyn, 11222

Artist Statement

My paintings combine elements of still life, portraiture and design to create a feminine utopia from everyday objects. At the core of the work is an interest in leveraging color as a storytelling mechanism, employing a painterly pop-art approach and hyperreal palette. While rooted in observations of the everyday, my work also glimpses into a transcendent escape. The paintings often depict everyday objects, floral motifs and figurative elements in a narrative tableau. Inspired by a west coast aesthetic, my palette often includes fluorescent pigments, creating a heightened sense or idealistic view of reality. I bring these moments to life using color and states of intensity, heightening the narrative and time stamp in contemporary culture. Using the flower as an icon of resistance and feminine power, the paintings become a rebuke to this moment, providing a burst of color and joy.


Instagram: @Mary Younkin