Mark Herschede 2019

Primary Medium



49 Frost Street
Brooklyn, 11211

Artist Statement

Haven Press Studio is a fine art printmaking workshop located in Brooklyn, New York. Owner/Operator Mark Herschede uses printmaking techniques and equipment to produce fine art editions for publishers and independent artists. He works closely with clients, fostering a collaborative relationship between the printer and the artist. Editions we produce are created through the tradition of collaborative printmaking, wherein a skilled artist and a skilled printer work together to make an edition that neither could produce on their own. The printmaker brings expertise in technique, the artist brings the idea, hands, and image; the result is a printed edition which translates the artist's concepts into an original piece of art, realized in multiple form. (PLEASE NOTE: the three images I've uploaded are courtesy the artist. These are collaborative works printed in edition format. The artists are: SWOON (Birthing mother/screenprint/2019), Michael Hambouz (Nervous Electricity/Screenprint with folding and stitching/2019), and Douglas Melini (Starry Sky/Screenprint/2018).


Instagram: @havenpress