Mariana Carolina Wuethrich 2019

Primary Medium



148 Franklin Street, #1
Greenpoint, Brooklyn
Brooklyn, 11222

Artist Statement

Mariana Carolina Wuethrich (born in Basel, Switzerland) is a Swiss-Brazilian contemporary painter and multidisciplinary artist living and working in Brooklyn, New York. Her artworks have been exhibited internationally.  Wuethrich’s work reveals the hidden natural patterns that are common across physical and non-physical matter. Thanks to the use of an earthy color palette and hypnotic geometric compositions, Wuethrich awakens a vivid sense of the “natural” within the observer. Drawing from her multicultural background (Brazilian, Swiss and Italian) she crafts a visual language that is at once expressive and structured. Her paintings are the result of careful meditations on the “Ursprünglichkeit” (roughly “the original essence”) that is captured through rhythms of colors and instinctively placed brush strokes. Wuethrich’s study of music, dance, psychology, philosophy and theosophy, also influence her visual vocabulary. Nature and the way it intersects with anthropomorphic space is a constant source of inspiration, as it’s the relationship between the observer, the work of art and the exhibition space.


Instagram: @artbymcw