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276 Greenpoin Ave.
bldg 8, #8106 #8122
Brooklyn, 11222

Artist Statement

Growing up in Chile as the only girl of six children during the Chilean dictatorship, I was familiar with profound solitude from an early age, experiencing first the effects of social distance, but also physical detachment that resulted from childhood illness. These circumstances inform my artistic practice, as I explore from the intersection of isolation and collective awareness ideas of patriarchy, cultural identity, and gender roles. My practice, as a way of rectifying the past, is marked by an insatiable search for information. Drawing from my life experiences I use different media to investigate the phenomena of perception, focusing on the importance of the experience, to make a call to action. My work is a confrontation of fear and the consequences of its manipulation, challenging systemic viewpoints, and the human psyche, to investigate the vulnerability both individual and collective. This translates as an interdisciplinary practice where new and traditional techniques converge, including photography, video, performance, sculpture, printmaking, and interactive media. My work often consists of the dislocation of media, objects and forms in order to convert and abstract them, to talk about the boundaries of visual and emotional perception. Departing from an exercise of wonder, I intend to explore the transcendence of individual reality and the heightened awareness of our surroundings.


Instagram: @mariagraciadonosostudio