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488 Morgan Ave
Sat ONLY- Enter Richardson St. 2nd Fl
Brooklyn, 11222

Artist Statement

Interests in structures, systems, methods of making, process and chance have guided my work over the years. I’m interested in the physicality of line and what is revealed through its materiality and the process of how it is made: the varying speed, trace, implied movement, recorded direction, lightness, softness, grittiness, texture, feel and color. The drawings and weavings explore the intersections of orthogonal constructed lines and grids juxtaposed with more natural variations of hand drawn actions. I create works that explore dissonance, harmony, stability, vulnerability, and ephemeral states. I examine notions of trace marks, linear disruptions, and impermanence. Meaning is communicated by the haptic realm of the materials. The work is a form of meditative refuge and discovery.


Instagram: @margie_neuhaus_