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147 Franklin Street
Brooklyn, 11222

Artist Statement

AT OAK AND IRON FROM 2-6PM! "My art is an intuitive expression of my emotions and feelings. Through a spontaneous process, I let my innermost self take control and guide my brushstrokes. The result is an authentic and raw portrayal of my state of mind in that moment. I use various mediums to create texture and depth, without pre-planning my color choices, allowing the image to reveal itself. ‚Äč As a female artist, I am drawn to the beauty of the female form. My fascination with the fluidity and power of the female body has been a constant inspiration in my work. Growing up in a world that perpetuates unrealistic beauty standards, I have often struggled with my own self-image. In a world that profits from our insecurities, I seek to create art that empowers and celebrates the beauty of all bodies. Through my art, I have found a form of therapy that allows me to reject these societal norms and create my own rules.


Instagram: @manonramanart