Loretta Lomanto 2019

Primary Medium



681 Morgan Avenue
Brooklyn NY
Brooklyn, 11222

Artist Statement

Body image, gender and the construction of identity have always been major subjects in my work. How do we inhabit our bodies? How does the process of embodiment work? What constructs ourselves so when we see our reflection we recognize it as ours? How do we construct others and what roles do we give them in relation to us? It is by different elements that we build our cultural idea body. However usually in the perception of our bodies and the acceptance of gender roles, there is an underlying violence that can be related to roles of power and sexuality. One of the ways I approach these issues is by questioning the use of photography and photo manipulation in the process of creating self. I use photography and photo manipulation as a form of externalizing the displacement between body and identity. My work addresses the limits between reality and fiction; between what happened, what could have happened and alternative moments that never occurred. It questions photography as a medium that constructs memory, and its role in creating social and personal identities. The photographic images I create are digitally woven in an effort to destabilize photography as an assumed art format, opening a conversation about the nature of digital and photographic images and our way of approaching them. My most recent body of work focuses on an intense exploration of the relation between the female body, sexuality and desire.


Website: http://www.lorettalomanto.com
Instagram: @lorettalomanto