Liza Butts 2019

Primary Medium



67 West Street
Studio 312
Brooklyn, 11222

Artist Statement

My work investigates landscapes that are going through cosmetic and structural changes. Specifically, I am interested in the borough of Brooklyn and the continual redevelopment of its neighborhoods. I am drawn to imagery of buildings that are being excavated, torn down, and rebuilt—where layers of materials and construction rubble collect. The forms in my images gesture fragments of landscapes and layers collected over time. I make prints with deconstructed garments. I cut and dissemble pieces of clothing—taking something known and once used to create forms that are reinvented and reveal traces of their former use. I arrange the clothing fragments to make dense layered compositions. I gesture landscapes that are chaotic, jumbled, and recalculating to find a new order. This work dissects the unknown; in between spaces where foundations are uprooted, turned over, and are gradually reshaping.


Instagram: @miss.butts