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252 Green Street
Brooklyn, NY11222

Artist Statement

Lisa Hennig-Olsen (she/her, b.1990, Norway) is an interdisciplinary artist based in New York. “As a philosophically inclined artist, posing questions is my source of creativity. Opening up for the unknown, my work formulates ethical discourse and reflection at the threshold of the Anthropocene. I work with fragmentation, chance operations and unpredictability. My interdisciplinary practice opens up for rethinking narratives of temporal distance that separates climate from the body. My practice incorporates performance art, sound, moving image, sculpture, painting, live-to-camera, and poetic writing. Blurring lines, I use interdisciplinary methods to examine equity and philosophical questions of our being, collectively and in harmony with other species. My work invites the audience to re-examine their relationship with nature, disposability, and time.”


Instagram: @lisahennigolsen