Lauren Seiden – 2023

Primary Medium



265 Calyer Street
3rd floor
Brooklyn, 11222

Artist Statement

Lauren Seiden’s art employs the language of drawing as a framework for opening up a conversation about process, time, and history. Graphite is applied in unconventional ways to unexpected surfaces as a means of bringing 'drawing' itself into the foreground and redefining its terms. Choosing pencil and graphite as the primary medium is a subversive act; it upends the hierarchy of art materials by challenging the primacy of oil paint, stone, and other ‘high’ materials, and flips the narrative by quite literally drawing in three dimensions. Seiden has developed unique but labor intensive processes – she gilds all her surfaces by hand, methodically drawing on paper, stone and cloth and mixing into water- a task so labor-intensive it seems an obsessive, almost devotional act. In her latest body of work this consuming process is not purely an aesthetic decision; Seiden is making a statement on the concept of labor, about what kind of labor is valued and seen and what is invisible. This compilation of work evokes physicality within the context of our society, leaving once experienced activities frozen and memorialized; creating a visual insight and understanding of the body’s place in specific societal histories.


Instagram: @laurenrseiden