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Brooklyn Art Studios
276 Greenpoint Ave, Building 8, Rm 8121
Brooklyn, 11222

Artist Statement

My artistic research explores and disrupts notions of self and reality through playing with the limitations of memory, language, the archive, and the ego. I mine old family photos and home movies to create mixed media drawings and strange sequences of video, where familiarity gives way to the ambiguous. I collect people’s very first memories from around the world, as well as foreign languages’ notions of absence. I interact with other people’s family’s photos, mapping their ancestry onto their own forms through portraiture. My work spans mediums and areas of research, and sometimes veers in unexpected directions. For Open Studios, the Once Removed series will be highlighted. I use the term "once removed" to refer to people and events someone was either not alive to experience or too young to remember but has inherited nonetheless through the construct of family identity. This portrait series includes fragments of old family photographs, speaking to the enigmatic nature of the inherited histories that co-author personal narratives. By often showing the painted subjects relating to each other in comfortable, intimate ways, the artwork also seeks to portray how people are constantly evolving, entangled not only with genetic histories but also with each other’s presences.


Website: http://lauraschneiderartwork
Instagram: @lauraschneiderartwork