Kobie Procter 2019

Primary Medium



252 Java Street
Brooklyn, 11222

Artist Statement

Kobie is a multi-disciplined artist. A street and self-portraiture photographer who also paints and sculpts. "My street photography calls attention to a world around that people often overlook. My exploration of New York City's unsuspected or ignored helps me engage and identify more deeply with my environment. No matter if I'm shooting portraiture or street photography, my subject choice comes from a deep emotional intuition driven by a desire to capture the stories that unfold around me on the street or from within me. Although my goal remains the same, which is to make visuals that confronts my audience into a world of the real- yet surreal, a reality and a dream." Kobie will also debut his paintings and sculptures based on the imagery of Black Americana past and present, deconstructed then reconstructed from vintage photos and artifacts he collects and curates from the late 1800s to modern times. Currently, Kobie also continues to collect and curate his art collection which primarily represents the Jim Crow era in postcards, minstrel memorabilia and well as novelties that are rather shocking and very much a part of the American experience in the United States. Thru his artwork, Kobie's goal is to reset the conversation of America's racial past and present while providing a new dialog and a path to move forward and away from the vices of racism thru the power of visual arts.


Website: http://www.kobieprocter.com
Instagram: @shotbykobie