Kelli Stretesky 2019

Primary Medium



282A Nassau Avenue
Brooklyn, 11222

Artist Statement

My oil paintings are made with all aspects of my heart. The brush strokes and sculpting of the oil represent what I've learned, my experiences and zest for life. The mission is to connect our humanity. With more ways to connect than ever, more and more are feeling isolated and alone. It is too often forgotten that all humans share the desire to be understood, respected and loved. My works are the scripts of my stories to tell. My passion project is "Art For Hospitals +". The design of the artwork is created based on neuroscience and neuroaesthetics. The specially created art improves lives through the power of visual stimuli. Research shows art is far more than aesthetic beauty made for entertainment. It supports health by its ability to reduce stress, decrease the duration of treatment, lowers blood pressure, accelerates healing, heightens mood, and initiates the "joy response". Patients, visitors, staff, health experts, and scientific researchers unanimously agree that art in hospitals improves care, raises outlook, and is enjoyable, lifting and positive for everyone. Learn more at


Instagram: @kellistretesky