Keith Pfeiffer – 2024

Primary Medium



253 Greenpoint ave
Brooklyn, 11222

Artist Statement

Through densely layered nonrepresentational oil paintings, my practice aims to create tension between the painting’s surface and its potential for pictorial space in order to illuminate an unconscious need to find or create meaning, identity, feeling, and narrative from within the immediate environment. Utilizing processes from my background in observational painting my work aims to exist in the moments just before comprehension while creating an ambiguous but solid sense of place and structure. Working abstractly and avoiding direct imagery allows for complex narratives to be discovered by each viewer that go beyond language and are more felt than understood. Painting with small brushes, large squeegees and rags, I use grids and proportional relationships to create structure and I use off grid organic lines and marks to create disorder, depth, and form. Through layering both opaque marks and semitransparent glazes, gestural marks and structured drawing, perceived narratives are developed, buried, and unearthed again until a deeply familiar yet unknowable experience emerges. It is through this long form painting process that I question my own relationships to history, environment, identity, imagery, and materials


Instagram: @keith__pfeiffer