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649 Morgan Ave SUITE 4-A-1
Brooklyn, 11222

Artist Statement

Through the use of non-traditional material and a distinctly sculptural process, my current body of work is intended to expand the language of painting by implying that it is not a literal term, but rather a specific mode of creative problem solving not limited to the brush. In a subtle critique of consumption and commodification the material for the work is reclaimed waste acquired in my daily routine of museum preparatory work and studio practice. Materials are used literally, some exactly as found, some slightly manipulated for presentation purposes. The use of common and familiar material allows the work to transcend its formal underpinning. My decision making process is driven by a belief in democratic equality(the whole being greater than the sum of the parts), as well as the idea that beauty and value are highly subjective and dependent on context and one's own perception.


Instagram: @kthnlsn