Kathryn Refi 2019

Primary Medium



307 Eckford St.
Brooklyn, 11222

Artist Statement

My recent body of work addresses the underlying framework of the grid, which for me is emblematic of reason, the scientific method, and objectivity, and how it relates to the organic nature of life. The grid is hard edged, definitive and static, present at the macro level of the layout of our city streets down to the pixels on our screens. I'm interested in taking this geometric framework and warming it up a bit -­ personalizing it by applying it to my body, then reshaping, manipulating, and tilting it to create new forms and spaces. I play with the edges of my body to create an elasticity within the imposed structure, seeing how the curves of my body can be rearranged within straight lines.


Website: http://www.kathrynrefi.com
Instagram: @kathrynrefi