Kathleen Brown 2019

Primary Medium



252 Java Street
Brooklyn, 11222

Artist Statement

Working part-time out of my studio in Greenpoint, I am printmaker. My work has shifted from relief and intaglio to just relief work since I moved to New York 8 years ago. I have also been heavily exploring other media, including drawing and painting. Most recently, I have been working on creating images from nature (mainly botany) and from specific sites around NYC. Some other recent works have been impacted by conversations with my peers, colleagues, and students. A lot of the work, or inspiration for the work, is driven by the concepts that I explore in my other job as a reading specialist. Working with students who have reading disabilities, has forced me to learn about dyslexia. I have seen such brilliant creativity and dynamic thinking from my students with dyslexia and I have also seen great struggle for them to access it within the traditional school setting. As a result, some of the imagery has helped me to explore themes of tension, access, hidden beauty, growth, and triumph that I have been thinking about and working through with my students.


Website: http://www.kathy-b.com