Juliette Hayt – 2023

Primary Medium



61 Greenpoint Avenue #412
Brooklyn, NY l
Brooklyn, 11222

Artist Statement

“I was born hungry to understand the human mind and body. My yearnings never stopped. My childhood exploration of life began with studying The Atlas of Human Anatomy and Surgery, which evolved into drawing the body both inside and out—my daily ritual. One of my favorite questions is, “What is life without our bodies?” Freud said, the ego is first and foremost a bodily ego. The fact that the body carries us through life is often thought of as a miracle. I work with live nude figures to embrace natural life and witness the model’s humanness in unique poses. I also draw upon my memory as a database of emotions, observations, sensations, objects and living creatures. I use line like an umbilical cord, an organic gesture to fuse, exaggerate and dissect form by drawing from a sensitive pulse within my psyche. I embrace and enjoy the uniqueness of all perceptions, offering that viewers take these images into their own fantasy lives, creating individual associations and meanings.” Juliette Hayt (b. 1995, New York) is a New York City-based artist who primarily creates oil paintings and works on paper. Hayt obtained a high school art education in traditional drawing, painting and sculpting at the Huntington School of Fine Arts. She achieved her Bachelors in Fine Arts with honors from New York University. Concerned with both the physicality of the body and psychology of the mind as a painter, she completed her Masters of Professional Studies in Art Therapy at The School of Visual Arts in 2020. Additionally, Hayt received international individual painting training with American painter Thomas Darnell during an apprenticeship in the South of France in 2017. Hayt has exhibited her work in multiple locations throughout the US, including New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Philadelphia, as well as internationally in London, UK. She has been featured in multiple programs and publications including Artsy, Pollinate and Anon Magazine, and often facilitates lectures.


Website: http://www.juliettehayt.com
Instagram: @juliette_hayt