Josh Jordan – 2024

Primary Medium



276 Greenpoint Ave
Building 8
Brooklyn, 11222

Artist Statement

My latest body of work is focused on the desire for personal connection and understanding in a shared experience. These desires are motivated by a sense of romantic love, intense nostalgia, and a conflicted form of chivalry. I offset these ideas with humor and poignancy, depicting them in memory-conjured scenarios and metaphoric realms of fantasy. This imagery is presented as a means of grappling with the perceived expectations, obligations, and consequences of straight masculinity as I learned them as an only child in a desolate small town in the midwest with an imposing parochial education system. I draw on my own life experiences to explore a world of familial intimacy, its impact on adolescent sexuality, and the resulting complicated yearning for personal joy as an adult. Throughout my work, I contrast scenes of sensual pleasure with satire to confront my anxieties and guilt as I seek closure from the past and hope for a better future.


Instagram: @josh_jordan_studio