John & Wendy 2019

Primary Medium



385 Graham Ave
Brooklyn, 11211

Artist Statement

We are artists, specializing in animal portraits, and the intersection of the wild world and the city. We work mostly in watercolor and colored pencil, but sometimes stray into other areas, including papier-maché, and our newest venture which features our colorful watercolor cats custom printed on velvet and hand-crafted into shaped pillows and ornaments. Positively Dog Street, our current painting and drawing project, grew out of a love for dogs, a passion for making art, and a desire to connect to the community. The portraits are of dogs that we have met while out walking in Greenpoint and Williamsburg, as well as other parts of NYC. As our interest in this project grew, we started exploring other ways to connect our subjects to the city around them. What began as a project of paintings of colorful dogs has branched out into drawings/paintings of dogs tattooed with images that reflect their environment and often their owners; each dog's skin is transformed into a narrative of city life and culture.


Instagram: @johnandwendycreate