Primary Medium



275 Calyer Street
Brooklyn, 11222

Artist Statement

The majority of the open, abstract, and organic forms found in my ceramic work are loosely inspired by nature-images I’ve observed of microorganisms, fungi, coral, rock formations, the human body, and insects. However, my designs always start with and are primarily created during the playful, experimental, and somewhat unpredictable process of “drawing” with clay. After filling a squeeze bottle full of porcelain slip, I squeeze liquid clay designs onto a plaster slab, never knowing exactly how the designs will turn out. This unpredictability is both an important and enjoyable part of the process; each design is unique. After being fired, each piece goes through a different type of transformation. Sometimes they become wearable art. Sometimes they are used as models and inspiration for larger carved ceramic sculptures (such as this one) or components of functional pieces. Sometimes they even deviate from the medium of clay and are transformed into the language of materials such as bronze, aluminum, or resin.


Instagram: @jessicathompson_lee