Jessica Krause Smith – 2024

Primary Medium



Brooklyn Art Studios, Building 1, Floor 3
276 Greenpoint Ave. or 273 Cayler St. between Newel and Jewel
Brooklyn, 11222

Artist Statement

Jessica Krause Smith is a Brooklyn-based American artist who has consistently been exploring the visual language of abstract art for many years. Her work is created intuitively with acrylic paint, latex housepaint and mixed media on canvas. She also creates paintings digitally in Procreate. Several ideas link her paintings, including the notion that the universe produces things both opposite (light and dark, vertical and horizontal, harmony and chaos) and related (cycles, patterns, movements, responses). Jessica sees her work as a way of exploring deeper truths about existing macro and microcosms, as well as both her personal and our own collective human experience.


Instagram: @jessicakrausesmithstudio