Jessica Krause Smith – 2023

Primary Medium



Brooklyn Art Studios : 276 Greenpoint Ave, Bldg 1, 3rd Floor, #1314 (entrance option 1)
273 Calyer Street, 3rd floor, #1314 (entrance option 2)
Brooklyn, 11222

Artist Statement

I have been an intuitive abstract artist for over 25 years. With layers of expressive and energetic gestures, lines, and marks, I create my paintings with acrylic paint, latex house paint and mixed media on canvas. I work spontaneously with my subconscious as a guide, but also with intention filtered by my formal education. My style of painting grew from being drawn to the ambiguity and emotion of abstract expressionism – I have a passion for color and form and for using paint as a fluid and expressive medium. I am inspired by things universal and personal, man-made and natural, spiritual and mythological. I see the act of intuitive painting as a metaphor of life: there is a balance of harmony and chaos both in the process and in the final work, just as in life itself.


Instagram: @jessicakrausesmithstudio