Jason Robinette – 2023

Primary Medium



67 West Street Suite 603
Brooklyn, 11222

Artist Statement

Controlled Burn is a collaborative series between my spouse, Natasha Gornik, and myself. It is an exploration of a few things; identity within our marriage, gender bending, and unconventional power dynamics. It is our love story. Within the series we perform in heels and stockings and mirror each other with a desire to visually develop a more fluid view of masculinity and femininity. We push past binary stereotypes with theatrics incorporating my love of film noir and Natasha’s background in fetishism, keeping humor and playfulness in mind. Favoring every day environments over the studio, we take advantage of our surroundings to create different backdrops for each photograph. In this collaboration, we are both artist and subject taking turns behind the camera to bring our personal gaze to the work. In front of the lens, we role play as twins wearing identical attire. Yet we also personify each other in the metaphysical sense as twin flames or, as I like to call it, “soulblings”. Although we do not consider ourselves one, we do share an indistinguishable self. Controlled Burn is the performative exploration of this self.


Website: http://jasonrobinette.com
Instagram: @Jason Robinette