Jasmine Pierik – 2023

Primary Medium



33 Nassau Avenue
2nd Floor
Brooklyn, 11222

Artist Statement

We are a coworking space that has a robust art program where we partner with local curators to bring fresh, local art to our spaces. Across our portfolio we have upwards of 30 exhibitions each year–to date we’ve shown over 700 artists in our spaces. The program not only brings accessible gallery space to the local creative community, but it surrounds our members with stunning, thought-provoking art that changes on a regular basis, catalyzing conversation and connection between members and the community at large. Currently on display, ART HAP and The Yard: Greenpoint present “Romantic Radiations,” a group exhibition of artworks by Lauren Walkiewicz, Masha Morgunova, Irene Feleo, Bret Shirley, and Hannah Antalek. This exhibition presents a selection of Greenpoint-based artists creating work across a variety of mediums which offers romantic responses to the tumultuous present, through a bold use of color, forms, and the suggestion of alternative realities. Despite their seemingly disparate approaches, the works of each artist in this exhibition are connected by the shared belief in the capacity of art to provide catharsis in a time of seemingly endless crisis. A survival instinct of learning how to be native to the now, because there is no opting out. Exhibiting Artists @hannah_antalek @lmcmansion @mmmorgunova @bortshirbey @irenefeleo—


Website: https://theyard.com/greenpoint-curator-in-residence-morgan-everhart-melanie-reese/
Instagram: @theyard