Janine Sopp – 2024

Primary Medium



275 Calyer St
Brooklyn, 11222

Artist Statement

I view life and art as layers of time, texture and color. What is hidden is now revealed, and what we call the past is part of the present and future. I see meaning in every mark and sign along the way. My work is an attempt to reflect that which speaks to our inner journey and the process of unfolding. Using clay as my main medium, and color and texture as inspiration, I look to have a moment-by-moment dialog with the Creative Force, and open that conversation to the observer. I use line, texture, form, color, symbol, light and reflection to communicate my experience. Organic shapes are often gestures, or I sketch on the forms. The hand of the artist is always at play. I work with a combination of materials, including porcelain and earthenware, glass and colored pigments to acquire the juxtaposition of textures with smooth, shiny, matte, colored forms against bold lines. Most of my work is made for the wall, a way to bring the idea of multiple forms into a larger space in order to invite an interaction with the viewer.


Website: http://glyphdesigns.com
Instagram: @glyph_designs