Jake Scharbach 2019

Primary Medium



276 Greenpoint Ave
Mishka Studios, Bld. 8 Fl. 3
Brooklyn, 11222

Artist Statement

As an artist I am questioning our cultural conditioning by looking at historical remains, Greek and Roman being the most relevant, as they are the birthplace of recently globalized Western values. My work analyzes the stories of our ancestors to discover the origins of our current belief systems and expose them to critique. I reinterpret art historical images by collaging them with contemporary symbols and rendering them in realist painting. This traditional approach allows the medium of oil painting to function as both comment and commentator. Collapsing the timeline creates a more acute awareness of the negative behaviors codified in Western society, such as violence, greed, lust, ambition, and a failure to act in accordance with our long-term future.


Website: http://jakescharbach.com
Instagram: @jakescharbach