Ivy Hickam – 2024

Primary Medium



253 Greenpoint Ave
studio 6, 2nd floor
Brooklyn, 11222

Artist Statement

I paint landscapes in oil. With climate change and the current state of the world my practice has shifted towards an anxious necessity to paint, to grasp the beauty in a fleeting season, day, moment. Sometimes I make work directly about the effects of climate change, beetle kill and forest fires, how the remains of the forest regrow. More broadly, I think about how everything in nature is constantly changing caught in a beautiful cycle of life and death. When I can get to nature, I have a plein air practice that feeds my studio work. The immediacy of painting from life influences the larger works. Excursions in the field make the work fresh and bring me back to why I would paint a landscape at all.


Website: http://ivyhickam.com
Instagram: @ivyhickam